Anderson Cooper’s disappointment was palpable through the CNN reports of the storm that we watched while eating dinner last night in the little British pub themed inn we’re staying at. It’s also got an all-night jazz singing bar (thank you, earplug inventor). It’s a relief that NYC escaped the predicted destruction; while the waves did batter the southern coast, the hype felt a little much from here, where seven people died in a typhoon in the northern reaches of the island we’re on, Luzon. The BBC covered it, but no mention on CNN.

We met up with some new friends at the University of the Philippines yesterday; artists and cultural folks that reaffirmed the fleeting loss of local expression and identity. Frighteningly simple to erase centuries of history by denying access in one generation. Good teachers are the most valuable and undervalued component of society: “arts educated students are four times more likely to have higher math and science scores, involved in student’s affairs, literate and curious and engage in voluntary work.” These are the findings of John Silva, a strong proponent of arts education here who is celebrated for his lively arts & historical tours. He’s got a fantastic blog that features a creepy little cemetery hidden in the woods of Baguio, filled with painted animal statues and snarky quotes from dead American soldiers. Love it.

Plus a piece on ‘s 2004 Venice Biennale entry of a jeepney as a work of art; to my surprise it goes on to feature a sweet memory of my cousin’s grandfather Dr Novales, and the jeep he used to visit sick patients in 1950s Subic Bay. He also mentions that my grandfather circumcised him.