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Praise for Jeepney:

“Jeepney gives amazing insight into the Phillippines via a portrait of a popular mode of transport. This doc by Esy Casey is beautifully shot, thought provoking, and deeply engaging. A great catalyst for discussion about a wide range of topics from the importance of folk art traditions to the legacy of U.S. involvement in the Phillippines.”– Augusta Palmer, AssistantProfessor, Department of Communication Arts, Saint Francis College

“Casey’s interviews with jeepney auto painters, craftspeople, drivers, policy makers, and passengers, as taxes rise and threaten to put customizers and drivers out of business, spur the question “where next?” and add up to a freewheeling and pungently poetic slice of urban Filipino life.” –  Kimberly Chun, San Fransiosco Bay Guardian

a close examination of a colorful and popular form of public transit in the Philippines”- Bonnie Steiger, The Examiner

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